Mar. 23rd, 2009 12:58 pm
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I just finished reading the Watchmen graphic novel. Yeah, I know, late to the party, bandwagon-jumper, whatever. I haven't seen the movie, and I'd only read the first chapter of the graphic novel, and when I was able to get it for 11 bucks and I had some amazon credit burning a hole in my pocket, sooo...

I'll put up a more detailed review later today, but the short review: It was an engaging, compelling read. I also am still unsure who I feel sorrier for: Dr. Manhattan, or the person behind the death of the Comedian.

Here's what's next up on my reading list:
From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain - Basically, a fictional case study by "Dr. Brain", psychologist to the superhero set, of six patients through facing crime-fighting. After Hawk King, an ancient Egyptian deity and the most respected superhero, dies, the world gets thrown into chaos. Looks to be equal parts satire and superhero comedy.

Perdido Street Station - I love gothic/urban fantasy, and this sounds right up my alley. "eccentric scientist Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin is hired to restore the power of flight to a cruelly de-winged birdman. Isaac's secret lover is Lin, an artist of the khepri, a humano-insectoid race; theirs is a forbidden relationship. Lin is hired (rather against her will) by a mysterious crime boss to capture his horrifying likeness in the unique khepri art form. Isaac's quest for flying things to study leads to verification of his controversial unified theory of the strange sciences of his world. It also brings him an odd, unknown grub stolen from a secret government experiment so perilous it is sold to a ruthless drug lord--the same crime boss who hired Lin."

Mean Spirit "When Stace Red Hawk, a policeman with the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, finds his inquiries blocked and his efforts frustrated by evasive and corrupt federal officials, he travels from Washington, D.C., to Oklahoma to investigate firsthand. Soon, like many of the Indian families depicted here, Stace is torn between the glitter of 20th-century life and the pull of sacred traditions."

I made a conscious effort to seek out fiction from outside my normal "subject comfort box" in the case of Mean Spirit, and to seek out some highly recommended authors of color in the sci-fi fantasy genre, and the above books sound very promising.


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