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System: West End Games' Men In Black RPG (d6 version)
DM: Shawn
XP: Base of 16 CP to start.

Agents M (Team Leader), D (Alien Liason), W, V (Scout, Wolf-like Alien), C (Demolitions, Raccon-Like alien), X (Sniper and Thrown Weapon Specialist, Vampire-Like alien), and Y are cleaning up from the last mission (investigating a UFO crashlanding site, then fighting off and capturing these monster that may be LIKE those ones in Critters but they're not Critters, because I don't wanna get sued ;) ) and head back the the minivan.. only to find the tired chewed up, spat out, and several bites taken out of the trunk. Just out over the horizon, speeding away were a few Crites (NOT CRITTERS) who where hijacking a refridgerated cab truck.

A quick phone cal to HQ (and a grumpier than usual Zed) has one cleanup crew, one helicopter to pick up the agents, and... the S.N.A.C. van (MiB's answer to the roach coach, filled with all sorts of advanced alien delicacies and kitchen tech that would make Alton Brown drool) witht he new, eager if nervous Agent G making his way with all due haste.

Agent G arrives in a spray of skidding S.N.A.C van, sand and leftover alien goo, then wins over his teammates by making them lots of delicious snacks (Agent G looks sorta like DomDeLouise dressed in black). The chopper arrives, carting the team to the drop point (along with the S.N.A.C> van which can become lightweight as an alluminum bike due to its Unobtanium construction). The cleanup crew takes along the live captured Crites for analyis at HQ.

The team arrives at the next mission point, no time to stop at HQ: the agents to escort an intergalactic Arquillian film star named Yaffit and his wife Irma to a Cajun shrimp restaurant that they enjoyed.

The ride there, Irma chattering all the way about the recent disappearance of Arquillian filmstars (like the crashed UFO, her love of Ding-Dums: The Chewy Chocolately Candy That's Fun To Eat, boring lines in customs, blah blah blah.... Finaly, she stops as the team arrives. Agent G tries parking a little further away and crosses his fingers, hoping those at S.N.A.C. were able to "place" him as an employee, but no luck.

Yaffit and Irma are escorted in-- Agent C hides in M's pocket since C is barely as big as one's hand. Agent V poses as a seeing eye dog for Agent D. X takes up a positin near the bar and Y covers the door until he's convinced there's not oging to be any trouble.

Food is ordered, delivered and eaten. Dessert comes around... as wells as about 16 indentically dressed men and women dressed in promotional DIng Dum attire, lobbing snack cakes at the short order cooks, who are tossing crayfish back. The Ding DUm fanatics keep chanting and groaning and shoving and pushing ands swarming.

A huge food/fight brawl ensues, with Agent G's braver personality coming out as he rips away his S.N.A.C. Cook's uniform to reveal a costome underneath-- Choas (yes, from Cannoball Run). He uses the table as a batting ram and knocks back a wave of fanatics while Agent X employs a Sticky Grenade to trap the humans in vicous goo.. also blovcking the exit. D'oh.

The remoianing fanatics face off against the other agents and one by one, are knoced or scard unconscious (Agent M's quick thinking wiht Agent C had her holding a Ding-Dum at gunpoint, making the fanatics freeze or faint in terror).

Agent Y headed out the entrance to see if there was a control source against the wishes on Agent M, and D was sent out to keep an eye on him, as the fisticuffs still raged on in the restaurant. ONce everyone was subdued, Y reported his heat vision was picking up a hot van-- either 3 large blobs or one large... something. The agents call in a cleanup crew, neuralize onlookers by attracing them to Agent M's, er, assets, and Agent C starts doing the Charleston for the waitstaff. Once attention is sufficiently drawn, one FLASH later and the situation is resolved.

The group works the logistics of carefully checking out the "hot" van and find out it's not trapped. It's also not manned, at least any more. Looks like someone split in a hurry. There were rows of monitors, some computer equipment and a video disc as well as a camcorder witha tape in it.

PLaying the disc showed an Orientation film (played live for the players on the laptop) for a some group called the Dharma Initiative, narrated by a scientist named Alvar Hanso about how his experiments were the key to saving mankind from Armageddon-- by changing the core values of a formula called the Valenzetti Equation.

The camcorder tape played another video (again, live for the players) about the Dharma Initiative failure, the launch of the "Karma IMperative" and something about refridgerated cargo...

As the agents ecorted the couple back to the drop point and sent off a blood sample from a human and one of the Ding-Dums, it seems like they'd have a hell of report for Zed when they got back.

In addiiton, each agent will get to feild test some new R&D weapons at the next mission. Yay!


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