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So jadra and I went to a post-hospital concert at the Bass Symphony Hall; while they have a no-refund policy, the box office manager was kind enough to let me pick another concert up to a week and a half after the original tickets, seeing as she was in the hospital for the concert we had tickets for.

So, though the concert we ended up going to was One Night Of Queen (which was friggin' awesome, btw), we had gotten some outfits from Gentleman's Emporium for Christmas and like heck we weren't going to wear them to the symphony anyhow, overdressed or not.

I'll post or link to jadrqa's pics as soon as either I get them or she links to hers, so here are mine.

I kinda look like a robber baron! )

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So, first came the holidays, then new year, then helping my mom through some really heavy personal stuff (here's a hint: i'm flying her down here next month to help her apartment hunt so I can get her help and put her near people that will love and care for her), and then I had a head cold that knocked me on my ass for about 6 days.

So! I think I should be back to okay again.

In more awesome news, I FINALLY got glasses, after needing them for several years. It's so nice to be able to make out details on far away stuff (I'm 20/40 in my left eye and about 20/55 in my right). So! Pictures!

I ramp up the nerd factor by also wearing the geekiest shirt I own.

Run, before it's too late! )


Aug. 9th, 2008 01:54 am
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eve toy
eve toy
Testing out the digital camera my wife got me for our anniversary... I got this from one o' them fancy-pants gachapon.tiy egg dispenser things. I was hoping for either EVE or MO, and here she is, guarding my wind -up sushi on my desk. More pictures to come soon.


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