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[ profile] jadra is home from the hospital. My mom has flown back to NJ after a 5 day visit, and now I'm ready to start working on commissions. You can find an updated list here.

And yes, I will do collaborations for the same price as a commission.

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So, [ profile] jadra was admitted to the emergency room last Sunday. Shortness of breath, unable to breathe, chest pains, a lot of fluid retention.

She's going to be in the hospital at LEAST until this Sunday. One of the problems that's surfaced is that her body is having getting enough oxygen to her body and bloodstream, partially due to an enlarged heart. The doctors are helping her with some occupational therapy at the hospital, and they're pretty sure she's going to need to be on oxygen at home.

So, to help with health care costs, I'm offering commissions.

For every five dollars you donate, you will will get a minute of someone MC Frontalot declared officially awesome (me) rapping about a subject of your choosing. This will be a custom-made rap, including vocals, backbeats, everything.

And this rap will be made just for you about anything you want. Want me to rap about how awesome you are? Great! How about an ode to your guinea pig? You got it! Diss track against someone who flamed you in your favorite Dragonball Z forum? It's all good.

Samples of my rap style are available here, here, here and here.

Commision Line-Up:

Beat, "King in Yellow disses Cthulhu": three stanzas/


[ profile] opyl - ~My Choice~
[ profile] pretzelcoatl  - "Nightmare Fuel" First stanze done, some of chorus
[ profile] erf_ -Need Subject!
[ profile] brunomik -Need Subject!
[ profile] miltjones - C0llaboration

[personal profile] anais_pf  - How awesome is [personal profile] rick_day ? SO AWESOME.Done!

 ETA: I have completed beats for every commission so far except for the collaboration. Now to work on lyrics!


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