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... it's time for the Reaper (costume) Review!

Yeah, so, The World Ends With You is quickly becoming one of my favorite DS games. And A-Kon is coming up pretty soon... so I figured I'd do a little inexpensive and fun costume:

.. a Wall Reaper. Specifically, the one on the right. The clothes are pretty easy, actually, since I have most of them in my closet, with the exception of the bandanna and the black hoodie with the tribal design.

As it turns out, there isn't a black hoodie out there with a tribal design that matches the Reapers' clothing... and a good part of the fun of "cosplay"is making your own, so after spending some quality time in Inkscape, I came up with a neat stencil pattern of the tribal designs on the arms and shoulder/chollarbone area of the hoodie. Fortunately, it looks like both designs are symmetrical, so application looks to be a simple matter of painting in one "side", then flipping it over to get the other side.

Since I had to hunt all over creation trying to find these patterns, and then ended up having to create my own,I figure I might as well share the results with anybody else interested.

So, here's the stencil template for the sleeve tribal design:

and the shoulder/collar:

They're at 300 dpi, so they're suitable for printing out and using as a stencil base. Enjoy, you hectopascals!
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Granted, I'm not very far into the game-- I've just gotten the Cola Pin or Soda Pin or whatever the heck it's called... the one you can tap to restore HP.

Anyhow, what I'm wondering, without any major spoilers is: Does Neku become less of a stupid douchebaggy ass anytime SOON? Because he's really, really getting on my nerves, and  the MAIN CHARACTER of a game is inherently unlikable, and stays that way for most of the game, I'd say that's a deal breaker and I'd rather trade it in to Amazon Game Trading and get some more amazon credit.


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