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[ profile] jadra was in the hospital for a little over a week recently, and with the cost of hospital biills, perscriptions and the home health aide, the bills tend to pile up. ON top of that, thanks to the economic downturn, I was let go two weeks ago.

So, to help with health care costs, I'm offering commissions.

For every five dollars you donate, you will will get a minute of someone MC Frontalot declared officially awesome (me) rapping about a subject of your choosing. This will be a custom-made rap, including vocals, backbeats, everything.

And this rap will be made just for you about anything you want. Want me to rap about how awesome you are? Great! How about an ode to your guinea pig? You got it! Diss track against someone who flamed you in your favorite Dragonball Z forum? It's all good.

Samples of my rap style are available here, here, here and here.

Here are two completed commissions:

[personal profile] anais_pf asked me to do something about how awesome [personal profile] rick_day is . You can listen to the result here:

Beat asked for me to make a dis track. Specifically, a track wherein the King in Yellow disses Chuthulu. Two Elder Gods having beef? I had to record that. Here's the rough results (he gets a complete, unedited version to keep).


Date: 2009-04-10 03:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"rick_day is SO AWESOME"

Once in a lifetime, there is a guy
who's hella fresh and hella fly
this fella might be y'next-door neighbor
his awesomeness can't be belabored
or be belittled, even a little
hella sweet, like peanut brittle
hella 'leet like Malcolm in the Middle?
guilty as charged with no acquittal!

Hey, rick day, what more can I say?
Don't think enough words exist
in English to befit your awesomeness
Hey, rick day, won't you take us all away
to soar recklessly, above the clouds
majestically, with adoring crowds,

Elevated, accelerated
while others act all hella jaded
his awesomeness has been upgraded
all unaided, never faded
try all ya like, can't tear him down
he well renowned, up an' downtown
He'll take your frown and flip it back
whip-crack, boom-bap up on this track


he's got the power in his hands
he'll make your wish his one command
he understands, he'll get it right
in brightest day, in darkest night
got superpowers, don't need no ring
his awesomeness beats any bling
never thought one dude'd be so rad
be the best friend you ever had
take ya sadness, dry ya tears
cause with rickday you'll never fear
life gets tough, he just gets stronger
you're worn down, he just goes longer
he'll persevere, shift into gear
show no fear in new frontiers
he's in the clear, can't be denied
flash a grin ten miles wide


Lyrics for beat's dis track:
(yeah, so there's this squidy, tentacled motherf*cker, talkin' like he's an ELder God or some sh*t.Yeah, you're fulla sh*t. In fact, Yellow King says he's just a b*tch.)

yer sleepin
yer dreaming
while i'm up here schemein'
is there rest for king in yellow
well i'd hafta say hell no
you got your cultists
i got my f*ckin' soldiers
while you grow older i grow colder
wreckage, it smolders,
the site of ya doom
explosions an broke necks strewn about ya cultists room
the sea is your tombe, just keep on restin'
when ya wake up, you'll shake up, cause all that time invested
in driving men mad made em useless as f*ck
ya scrambled they brains, so i just scoop em up
and use THEM in my war,
battle lines are drawn
ya open ya moputh of madness
i open my mouth to yawn
you got pawns i got players
they got prayers, i got swords
sharper then trying to cut me with your words
your wards your sigils they aint gonna help
what good they gona do against the yellow devil himself?
got the world in my hands
got it all in my plans
wouldn't think a f*cking sea b*tch like you could understand
i demand respects, i cultivate fear
an while ye hear, i'm gonna make a few things clear
you aint a god, you're just a squid
who is lazy as f*ck
takin thousand year naps
well it's time to wake up
you got your wack as f*ck cultists
think they all in ya thrall
when the final result is
i just slayed em all
without men to fear you
ya nothing, ya trash
so i'm on the attack with a can of whoop-ass
"Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink behind the lake, "
Oh my mistake! you ain't realizin'
i don't need no bad moon risin
wreakin' havoc, spittin curses
worse then all ya dreaded mothaf*ckin' verses
ia! ia! chuthulu! whatever!
won't seem so clever when i've gone an severed
ya head from ya neck
got ya all in check
woohah yippe kay-yay i wonder who's next
it don't matter to me
y'all gonna fall
breakin' down the walls
yellow king above it all

Date: 2009-04-10 04:04 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I get paid tomorrow. BOOSH.


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